CelticAngel (celticangel76) wrote,

A few RPattz pics

Okay y'all I'm so damn tired after this day so I'm going to go to bed and will write up the events of the night first thing tomorrow morning. I have video to go through (yes we taped the whole Q&A not that you could hear anything) and more pics to go through but thought I'd give you a few to see. Normally I do much better than this but I was three levels above him and really needed a bigger zoom lens. Ah well. All I have to say is I adore this guy just from these expressions.

He so totally with us in the 'OMG these girls are NUTS!' department.

Couldn't doctor out the white/red in his eyes. Oh well makes him look more like Edward I guess. If he survives this tour with his sanity it will be a miracle.

More tomorrow.

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